FAN Jianping

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FAN Jianping 

Prof. Fan Jianping is Academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, President of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), and the director of the Preparatory Office of SIAT University, CAS since 2018. 

Construction of SIAT, CAS  

SIAT is a new type of scientific research institution jointly established by CAS, the Shenzhen municipal government, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with Prof. Fan Jianping as its first president. After 15 years of his leadership, SIAT takes the lead in exploring a new development pattern of research institute integrating ‘science, education, industry and capital’. SIAT is the first scientific research institution in China to implement corporate governance structure with the board of directors as the core and the first to apply the enterprise’s human resource system in public institutions. 

Innovation in Education 

Prof. Fan Jianping is committed to promoting the reform of China’s higher education. In 2018, he pioneered the establishment of SIAT University targeting on a forward-looking research university with a global vision and a mission to combine education with science, entrepreneurship and innovation, and to bring together China and the world. It aims to explore a new path to build a world-class university relied on a first-class research institution (SIAT) and develop a new Chinese-style educational model to nurture students with the Three-in-One combination including academic learning(faculty), research training(institute) and humanistic cultivation(college). 

Achievements in Science and Technology 

Prof. Fan Jianping’s research interests include high-performance computing, cloud computing, and parallel and distributed computing. He was one of the founders of Dawning High-Performance Computers. The “Dawning No.1” is China’s first SMP parallel computer that had achieved important breakthroughs in symmetrical structure and other aspects. In 1990s, he took charge of the development of SNIX, China’s first concurrent UNIX system, run on the “Dawning No.1” computer. It played such a huge role in national security, meteorology, petroleum and other fields in China, that it was written into Premier Li Peng’s government work report in 1994, evaluated that “its effect is no less than ‘two bombs and one satellite’”. He designed and developed a series supercomputer including Dawning 1000, Dawning 3000 and Dawning 4000, leading the large-scale industrialization of high-performance computers in China. 

Prof. Fan Jianping had completed more than 10 “State High-Tech Development Plan” (863 Program), being a Principal Investigator of 21 projects funded by both government and industries. Based on his research work, he has published 3 monographs and 159 papers, and acquired 81 patents. 

Honors and Awards 

Prof. Fan Jianping has received many awards: one First Prize and two Second Prizes for the State Science and Technology Progress Award, two Special Prizes for Science and Technology Progress Award of CAS, one Second Prize for Science and Technology Progress of CAS, the 4th China Youth Science and Technology Award, the First Prize for Progress of Science and Technology of Beijing, Chinese Patent Excellence Award, “Guangdong Patent Award” and etc..  

Prof. Fan Jianping was awarded as the Advanced Individual of the “National Key Technologies R&D Program of China during the Ninth Five-Year Plan Period” and the Advanced Individual of “863 Program”, selected as the national-level talent in the “New Century Talent Project”, the High-Level Professional Talent and the Distinguished Talent of Shenzhen and has enjoyed the special government allowances of the State Council since 1993. He was also elected as a fellow of China Computer Federation (CCF) in 2013, and won the Shenzhen Mayor Award in 2014. In 2020, he was honored as one of the “40 prominent individuals in innovation and entrepreneurship and outstanding role models at the 40th Anniversary of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone”. 

Before Becoming President of SIAT, CAS 

Born in Inner Mongolia in November 1963, Prof. Fan Jianping graduated from Nankai University in 1984 for Bachelor degree, and received his PhD degree in Institute of Software, CAS in 1990. He worked at Institute of Computing Technology, CAS from 1990 to 2006, where he served as Deputy Chief Engineer of China High Performance Computing, Director of National Research Center for Parallel Computer Engineering & Technology, Executive Vice President of Sugon Company, and Deputy Director of Institute of Computing Technology.