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Institute Chinese
Research Area
Institute of Advanced Integration Technology 王平安 Heng PhengAnn Computer Aided Medicine
王琼 WANG Qiong  Computer Aided Medicine
司伟鑫 SI Weixin AI and XR for medical applications, physically-based simulation
廖祥云 LIAO Xiangyun Virtual/Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence
陈广勇 CHEN Guangyong Machine learning, Deeping learning, AI-aided drug discovery
赵保亮 ZHAO Baoliang Surgical robots
胡颖 HU Ying Medical Robotsurgical robot2Research on structure synthesis of mechanism
齐晓志 QI Xiaozhi Spinal surgery robot
王泽南 WANG Zenan robotic micromanipulation, automated stem cell culture, Lab on a chip
何玉成 HE Yucheng Medical robotIntelligent medical device
张朋 ZHANG Peng Medical Robot and medical automation devices and systems
  WANG Lan Speech recognitionSpeech signal processing
  YAN Nan neural engineeringSpeech recognition
李慧云 LI Huiyun autonomous vehicles
彭磊 PENG Lei vehicle networking
梁嘉宁 LIANG Jianing advanced motor drive system
郑春花 ZHENG Chunhua energy management of electric vehicles
孙天夫 SUN Tianfu power-electronic control of electric machines
徐天添 XU Tiantian  microrobot path following
梁国远 LIANG Guoyuan Computer Vision,  Pattern Recognition
陈春杰 CHEN Chunjie Exoskeleton robot, service robots and Robotic
尚万峰 SHANG Wanfeng Robotics, visual servo control, micro-vision precision operation
胡颖哲 HU Yingzhe integrated   circuits
  HE Kai Precision Manufacturing and Automation Technology, Industrial Robot, Metal Forming Technology and Equipment, etc.
  LIN Hui NanoImprintingMicro SpectrometerSpectral Imaging
杨扬 YANG Yang thin film technology, diamond
蒋春磊 JIANG Chunlei functional thin films and novel energy storage devices
方海涛 FANG Haitao research area: industrial robot, motion control
张帆 ZHANG Fan novel energy storage materials and deviceslithium-ion batteriessodium-ion batteries and so on
Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering 牛丽丽 NIU Lili Ultrasound neuromodulation; Ultrasound imaging
马腾 MA Teng Ultrasound transducer
孟龙 MENG Long Ultrasound in medicine and biology
盛宗海 SHENG Zonghai Medical Molecular Imaging
邹超 ZOU Chao Magnetic resonance imaging
胡战利 HU Zhanli PET/MR imaging; PET/CT imaging
朱燕杰 ZHU Yanjie Magnetic resonance imaging;Artificial intelligence
王丛知 WANG Congzhi Ultrasound Imaging System and Application
李飞 LI Fei Ultrasound in medicine and biology
张娜 ZHANG Na Magnetic resonance imaging
张志强 ZHANG Zhiqiang Novel ultrasound transducer and system
丁振 DING Zhen 4D printing; 3D printing
王晓 WANG Xiao Growth mechanism of nano materials
Institute of Advanced Computing and Digital Engineering 高希彤 GAO Xitong algorithmic improvements, architectural support for accelerating deep learning algorithms running on computing machines
郗文辉 XI Wenhui bio-molecular simulation, Sampling algorithm
苗芬 MIAO Fen Medical big data analysis
宁立 NING Li Network design algorithm
李娜 LI Na Video signal processing, real-time computing
江锦成 JIANG Jincheng GISBig data mining, disaster response, crowd mobility, Smart city/traffic
董超 DONG Chao Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern recognition, Intelligent Robotics
陈世峰 CHEN Shifeng Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern recognition, Intelligent Robotics
王怡珊 WANG Yishan Wearable medical system, Analog IC design for physiological signal acquisition, Wireless sensor network.
吴红艳 WU Hongyan Big data in healthcare;Machine learning;Semantic networks; Knowledge base system
王东松 WANG Dongsong Field:Translational medicine for risk assessment and management of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Institute of Synthetic Biology 赵乔 ZHAO Qiao Plant synthetic biology, secondary metabolism; Metabolic engineering; Plant phenolics; Plant Aromatic amino acids
李汉杰 LI Hanjie Tumor Immunology, Synthetic Immunology, Single cell genomics, T cell biology
张先恩 ZHANG Xianen Biosensors, Nanobiology and molecular/cellular imaging