CAS PIFI is a funding program designed to establish scientific cooperation and promote research communication around the globe.

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01 International outstanding Scholars Program 

Foreign the foreign talents who have the nationality which has established diplomatic relations with China, who have the potential to win world-class science awards or have won the corresponding awards and are still engaging in the front line of scientific research and accept the researchers from CAS affiliated institutes visit his\her laboratories.     

02 International Visiting Scholars Program 

For foreign talents who are acting in the front line of scientific research, technology and management, has (or equivalent) position of assistant researcher or above in the foreign institutions, and have achieved internationally recognized outstanding achievements.Subsidize them to come to CAS institutes to carry out medium and long-term cooperation or academic visits.  

03 Specially-needed Foreign Talents Program 

For foreign talents who have world-class ability for technical, engineering and management, can play a key role in the process such as completing the key scientific and technological innovation tasks of CAS, building large-scale scientific infrastructure, transfering and transformation of major scientific and technological achievements, enhancing the ability of international scientific and technological governance. Subsidize them to come to CAS institutes to carry out long-term work. 


Candidates for the above three types of programs must be non-Chinese. The Chinese collaborators of SIAT should have senior professional and technical titles of associate professor (or equivalent title) or above, and have the ability to independently carry out international academic exchanges and cooperation. 


(1) International outstanding Scholars Program: The deadline for execution is December 31, 2024. During the program, the foreign scholars must come to SIAT in persion and carry out academic exchange activities for no less than one week, and conduct academic exchanges in more than 2 CAS institutes or universities. The funding standard is 50,000 yuan/week. Funded recipients must sign an agreement with SIAT to accept the return visit of scholars from SIAT.

(2) International Visiting Scholars Program: The deadline for execution is December 31, 2024, and the funding period is from 2~9 months. The project execution can be divided into several phrases, but each of them shall not be less than 30 days. The funding standards have three grades according to the title of the foreign scholars: the funding standards for foreign professors/associate professors/assistant professors or equivalent titles are 40,000/30,000/20,000/month (before tax), respectively. Talent plan Funding shall not exceed a maximum of 9 months during each project's annual implementation cycle.  

In addition, the standards of one-time international travel expenses are: 5,000 yuan/person for neighboring countries, 20,000 yuan/person for countries in Latin America and Africa, and 8,000 yuan/person for countries in other regions. If the international travel expenses are less than the subsidy standard, the actual expenses shall prevail.

(3) Specially-needed Foreign Talents Program: More than 50% of the total funding duration must be implemented before December 31, 2024. The funding period is from 2~3 years, and the project execution time is calculated from the date the personnel arrive at posts. The funding standard is determined according to the contract signed by both sides. CAS subsidizes 60% of the contract amount (up to 600,000 yuan/year/person), and SIAT take on 40% of it.  

Foreign scholars who are excellent in the previous programs could apply for extending, but the total funding period shall not exceed 5 years. 


For new application projects that meet the conditions of epidemic situation, the Chinese applicants should: 1. select the "Overseas Execution" in the ARP system, and submit 2. "Overseas Execution Possibility Report and Risk Assessment"; 3. "Overseas work execution agreement" signed by both sides. 


·         Chinese applicants must activate the account in the International Talent Exchange Platform ( first and complete their English resumes, then log in to the new version of the ARP system to apply in Chinese, upload relative documents. 

·         Overseas experts need to prepare: 

1. English application form 

2. Identification photo within 6 months 

3. Scanned copy of passport identity page 

4. CV 

5. Research proposal (Category 1 doesn't need this), including but not limited to: 

a. Collaboration background; 

b. Objective; 

c. Detailed description; 

d. The division of bothsides, especially for OVERSEAS EXECUTION;Timetable (best to write monthly); 

e. Predictable results.