#Project Notice# CAS-CSIRO International Cooperative Research Project

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Funding areas: 

1. Climate change and influence:  

a) Sub seasonal to seasonal drought prediction for water resources and agricultural planning 

b) Understanding drought characteristics under climate change 

2. Sustainable agriculture and plant breeding:  

a) Development of new strategies to build resilience into cropping and/or grass-based livestock systems in response to production challenges associated with drought 

b) Development of innovative and flexible approaches to meeting biosecurity and food safety requirements of trade in livestock products 

3. Health and biotechnology:  

a) Testing tools for fast and efficient detection of infectious disease 

b) Prevention pathways for virus such as COVID-19 

c) Biomaterials for potential treatment of infectious diseases, e.g. n-coronavirus 

4. Nanotechnology and new energy materials: 

a) Low Cost Electrolysis 

b) Chemical Hydrogen Storage & Transport 

c) Pathways to industrial scale hydrogen utilization 

5. Marine Science and the Blue Economy:  

a) Source, pathway and mitigation of plastics to the sea 

b) Marine ecological risk assessment of plastic 


The Australian partner shall be the research department under CSIRO 

The deadline for the application recommendation in SIAT would be before 1 September, 2020.   


Contact Person: Xiaomin Zhang, Yongzhen Kuang    

Phone: 86-0755-86585299, 86-0755-86392435   

Email: foreign-affairs@siat.ac.cn