#Project Notice# NSFC-HRC International Cooperative Research Project

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Funding areas:


1. 广谱抗新冠病毒药物的筛选与研发(Screening and development of broad-spectrum anti-COVID-19 drugs

2. 动物源性病毒的病原学和冠状病毒感染的病因和致病机制(Etiology of animal-derived viruses and etiology and pathogenesis of coronavirus infection

3. 快速精确诊断冠状病毒的新技术和新方法(New technologies and methods for rapid and precise diagnosis of coronavirus

4. 新冠肺炎的预防措施(Prevention measures against COVID-19

5. 冠状病毒免疫损伤与抗病毒免疫保护机制(Immune system impairment caused by coronavirus and protective immune mechanisms against virus


HRC: https://gateway.hrc.govt.nz/funding/requests-for-proposals

NSFC: http://bic.nsfc.gov.cn/Show.aspx?AI=1383


The deadline for the application recommendation in SIAT would be before 5 December, 2020.  



Contact Person: Xiaomin Zhang, Yongzhen Kuang   

Phone: 86-0755-86585299, 86-0755-86392435  

Email: foreign-affairs@siat.ac.cn