The 3rd English Salon (CAS-PIFI Talk)- Hydrogen for a different world

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On Sep. 29th, SIAT Association for International Communication held the third English Salon this year. Prof. Cha from Seoul National University presented a report named "Hydrogen for a different world", over 30 domestic and international researchers and students attended it. 

First of all, Prof. Chunhua Zheng from Automotive Electronics Research Center of SIAT introduced the cooperation background with Prof. Cha. They've known each other for more than ten years, both parties have been focusing on the research of hybrid energy storage system in Korea.

This year, through CAS-PIFI project, Prof. Cha comes to China to continue their cooperative research.

In the talk, Prof. Cha introduced himself and the Seoul National University he is current working at, which a is hilly and large campus, comprising about 1,000 acres beneath the Gwanak mountains.

Prof. Cha has been investigated hydrogen fuel cells for over 20 years. In his talk, he illustrated that after years of debate on which role it would take in the energy transition, it seems hydrogen technologies are about to enter the mass market stage.

Hydrogen carrying the hopes of a cleaner future and is the most abundant element in the universe. When most countries will accomplish carbon neutrality by 2050, with global warming and carbon emissions dominating headlines, countries are turning to hydrogen-powered technology as a secure, clean, and affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

"Hydrogen can be used to power vehicles, generate electricity, power industry and heat our homes and businesses;" said Prof. Cha, "it could make a huge difference on our carbon emissions, and will be critical to achieving net zero."

In addition to scientific research, during his academic career, he had traveled and visited nearly 70 countries and cities, and he wherever he goes, he will taste the local beer, which contributed the critical thinking for his life. 

Prof. Cha's talk sparked strong interests from students and researchers, they raised some questions about the carbon neutral and application scenarios of hydrogen, Prof. Cha shared his thoughts and understanding from his personal experiences. 

"Keep trying new things and do what you think." Prof. Cha told all the attendees.

At the end of Salon, Prof. Xuefeng YU, the director of S&T department of SIAT, presented his great honor and warm welcome for Prof. Cha’s talk, and gave the gift of a portrait painting to Prof. Cha.
All the attendees expressed that such exchange activity are very important for learning of knowledge, and the place, the drink, the aura are so good.



Prof. Chunhua Zheng is introducing their cooperation background. (Image by SIAT) 


Overseas students is asking the question. (Image by SIAT) 

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