SIAT Hosts CAS-PIFI Talk and Dinner Event with Professor Trung, Canada

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The second CAS-PIFI Talk of 2023, organized by the International Cooperation Office of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), took place in the campus on May 19th. Professor Trung Dung Ngo from University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, delivered an engaging lecture titled "How to make mobile robots become counterparts in our daily lives?" The event attracted more than 30 researchers and students from both domestic and international backgrounds, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere.

During the lecture, Professor Trung Dung Ngo shared valuable insights of autonomous mobile robots into our everyday lives. His expertise and knowledge captivated the audience, who actively participated in the discussion and posed insightful questions. The talk explored various aspects of robotics, emphasizing their potential in enhancing our daily activities and the importance of human-robot interaction.

Inspired by the lecture, the SIAT International Cooperation Office, in collaboration with Yuan Geng College, organized a dinner event a week later, inviting Professor Trung Dung Ngo and nearly 15 students. The aim was to further discuss topics related to studying and conducting research overseas. The students were deeply inspired by the professor's experiences and advice. The discussions encompassed the pursuit of advanced education and the determination needed to achieve their goals.

The students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to engage in such meaningful discussions and gain valuable insights from Professor Trung Dung Ngo. They voiced their hopes for more similar events in the future to facilitate greater exchange and enhance their academic and personal growth.

The CAS-PIFI Talk and the subsequent dinner event with Professor Trung Dung Ngo exemplify SIAT's commitment to fostering international collaborations and providing students with diverse learning experiences. These initiatives serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, enabling participants to broaden their horizons and shape their future endeavors.

 Professor Trung is giving the talk. (Photo by SIAT)

A group photo of Professor Trung and the students who came to the dinner. (Photo by SIAT)


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