【Projects】NSFC-PSF Funding Scheme for Joint Research Programs

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Dear all,  

NSFC and PSF(Pakistan Science Foundation) announced a new call to fund the joint research programs between China-Pakistan researchers in 2020 to conduct bilateral innovation cooperation.   

(1) Funding areas
energy, resources and environmental engineering related areas  

(2) Duration of subsidy
3 years, and the implementation period is from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023.   

(3) Other explanation
About 10 cooperative research projects are planned to be funded in 2020, and NSFC will provide 2 million yuan in direct costs for each project (please note: direct costs greater than 2 million yuan will not be accepted), including research/cooperation /exchange budget. PSF provides corresponding fund to Pakistani scientists.  

The deadline for the application recommendation in SIAT would be before 28th May, 2020.  

For more info: 


Contact person:  Xiaomin Zhang, Yongzhen Kuang   

Phone: 86-0755-86585299/86-0755-86392435  

Email: foreign-affairs@siat.ac.cn  


International Cooperation Office, Department of Research Management