【Projects】SGC Funding for Outstanding German Young Scientists

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Dear all,   

Sino-German Center for Research Promotion (SGC) announced the fund to support outstanding young German scientists to come to China for a period of time to carry out research work. 

(1) Duration of the project
This project is divided into two forms of short-term and long-term work exchange in China.
Short-term: engaged in research work in China for no more than 2 months.
Long-term: in principle, the time to engage in research work in Chinese supporting units during the 3-year funding period shall not exceed 6 months in total , and shall be completed in 3 times at most.

(2) Funding
Short-term: one round trip between China and Germany, including international travel, domestic travel and accommodation.
Long-term: no more than 3 round trips between China and Germany for international travel, domestic travel, food and accommodation, and research expenses not exceeding 300,000 RMB.

(3) Application acceptance
The applications shall be accepted at any time, but shall be submitted at least five months before the start of the project.

For more info: http://www.nsfc.gov.cn/publish/portal0/tab568/info77750.htm      

  • Contact person:  Xiaomin Zhang, Yongzhen Kuang    
  • Phone: 86-0755-86585299/86-0755-86392435   
  • Email: foreign-affairs@siat.ac.cn   


International Cooperation Office, Department of Research Management