【Projects】MOST Calls for International Programs & Strategic Innovative Programs in 2020

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Dear All,

Here we forwarded the new calls for international research programs and strategic innovative programs from MOST. The following are some explanations.



  • International research programs

    In 2020, the project will set up 10 guidelines to support scientific and technological cooperation with 9 countries, regions, international organizations and multilateral cooperation mechanisms, with a total budget of 280 million RMB. 

    The implementation duration of each program is generally 2-3 years. 

    The countries and institutions involved are: Australia, Cuba, EU (flagship program and innovation cooperation), Denmark, Italy, Malta, RIKEN, Philippines, and Russia. 

    • Strategic innovative programs with Hong Kong and Taiwan

    35-40 Projects would be supported with a total budget of 65 million RMB. The key areas with Hongkong are biotechnology and AI. The key areas with Taiwan are biomedicine and 5G.


    The recommendation deadline in SIAT would be before 10th June, 2020.


    For more details: https://service.most.gov.cn/kjjh_tztg_all/20200423/3332.html



International Cooperation Office, Department of Research Management