SIAT English Salon---Opening a window on the nanoworld

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SIAT English Salon  

---Opening a window on the nanoworld   

SIAT held the second English Salon of 2022 on July 26 that featured a talk by Prof. Massimiliano Galluzzi. "Microscopy is used to investigate nanostructure and sometime wonders are revealed," said Prof. Massimiliano on his talk named "Opening a Window on the Nanoworld".  


Massimiliano is giving the talk. (Photo by SIAT)  

Prof. Massimiliano came from Milan, Italy. He was granted CAS-PIFI International postdoctoral project in 2019, which was the first research funding to pursue his research objectives. After the end of this project, he continued his scientific career as Associate Researcher in the SIAT's research center of Materials and Interfaces (MIC) of Prof. Yu Xue-Feng working in atomic force microscopy (AFM) nanomechanics applied to innovative materials and living cells.   

Discussing with participates. (Photo by SIAT)   

He is currently working on nano-mechanical investigation of heterogeneous hydrogels, living cells and bacteria deposited on soft substrates, in particular joining forces with artificial intelligence to improve image recognition. 

"PIFI helped me a lot along my journey and academic exchanges with China," said Prof. Massimiliano on the Salon, "in particular, I developed a deep and lasting network with fellow Chinese colleagues leading to fruitful collaborations still active until now."  

Atomic-force microscopy is an investigation method focusing on nanoscale for traceable and correlative measurements of nanostructures. Prof. Massimiliano showed many beautiful shape and structure of different nanostructures resembling natural plant flowers.  

Massimiliano also loves the natural scenery of China very much. At the meeting, he introduced his wonderful experience of traveling in Beijing, Xiamen, Guilin, Guizhou and other places in China, and showed the beautiful and unique structure of Guilin Karst landform, Guizhou daisy and other natural scenes under the nano microscope. He said: "when we go deep into the nanostructures of all substances, we will have a clearer understanding of its essence, so as to make our present world clearer."  

He is climbing the Great Wall and trekking in Guizhou. (Photo by Prof. Massimiliano)  

"Everything under microscope like AFM has nanostructure, nanotechnology is the ability to precisely control and build nanostructures to enhance performance in applications," said Prof. Massimiliano.

Nano Flowers under the microscope, showing central symmetry growth phenomenon. (Photo by Prof. Massimiliano)  

During the discussion section, researchers and students from different science background introduced themselves briefly and expressed that SIAT has natural interdisciplinary environment, and this activity has built a good communication platform for them.  

At last, ZHANG Peng, deputy director of the scientific research department, presented a watercolor painting of figuring with the landscape of Guilin in China as a souvenir on behalf of the organizer, wishing Massimiliano, the Chinese son-in-law, a better scientific research work in China and promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation between SIAT and Italy.  

Prof. ZHANG Peng giving the gift of a portrait painting to Massimiliano. (Photo by SIAT)   

NOTE: SIAT English Salon aims to build a scientific research and cultural exchange platform for both Chinese and foreign people. By providing an informal environment, it will be possible to exchange personal and scientific experiences, thereby creating the conceptual basis for understanding today’s China within the global context.   

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