1.Hybrid Electro-biosystem Upcycles Carbon Dioxide into Energy-rich Long-chain Compounds

2.New Methodology for Cerebrovascular Dysregulation in Patients with Glioma

3.Fine Perceptive GANs for Brain MR Image Super-Resolution

4.New Strategy for Genetically Engineering Stem Cells

5.C/EBPβ/AEP Pathway Dictates Both Alzheimer's Disease and Longevity: Study

6.Neuronal Mechanism Controlling Anxiety Behavior and Metabolism

7.Neuronal Mechanism Controlling Anxiety-Like Behavior and Energy Expenditure

8.Sea-Trial Research on Natural Product-Based Antifouling Paint Applied to Underwater Sensor Housing Materials

9.Boundary-Aware Context Neural Network for the Medical Image Segmentation

10.Live Fast, Die Young? or Live Cold, Die Old?