American Fellow Jay Keasling Construct Synthetic Biology Laboratory in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology

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Led by Jay D. Keasling, who is a Professor of Chemical engineering and Bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and he is considered one of the foremost authorities in synthetic biology, especially in the field of metabolic engineering, constructed Jay D. Keasling laboratory in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese of Academy of Science(SIAT) on Sep. 27th. The establishment of this laboratory will promote the synthesis, biology, innovation, development and commercialization of traditional Chinese medicine resources.


FAN Jianping, President of SIAT, said that the research and development of Jay D. Keasling changed the traditional way of extracting artemisinin from traditional Chinese medicine, it is the most important case of industrialization of synthetic biology in the world. The establishment of this laboratory, combined the existing experiences of SIAT team, it will promote the synthesis biology, innovation, development and commercialization of traditional Chinese medicine resources. It is another important milestone for advanced institutes to stride forward into the world first-class research institutions.


Jay D. Keasling expressed that dendrobium candidum, Tianshan snow lotus, ginseng, polygonum multiflorum thunb, poria cocos, ganoderma lucidum, pearl, cordyceps sinensis, cistanche and other traditional Chinese medicine contain active molecules, which have great potential for innovative drugs. Like anti malaria drug artemisinin, anticancer drug paclitaxel, anti AIDS drug pheromone, painkillers trailing salvino lin as the representative. The natural activity molecular of Chinese herbal medicine plants is low and is difficult to separate and extract, and the structure is complex and difficult to synthesize. The lab is set to try to break through the above difficulties by transforming microbes or plant cells to produce plant drug active molecules by biosynthesis.


XIU Xuan, Secretary of Shenzhen science and Technology Innovation Committee said Shenzhen Government attaches great importance to synthetic biology related research and industrial development, is actively promoting the relevant plan, and hoping this vibrant research team, standing in the forefront of world science and technology, to solve major scientific problems, make more contributions to the country.


Synthetic biology is a new interdisciplinary field developed in this century, which brings together life science, engineering and information science, and shows great vitality in understanding life and biological manufacturing. Issued by the Davos world economic forum and the McKinsey Global Research Report evaluated synthetic biology is a disruptive technology, and will change human society in the future.


Shenzhen is the world's unique, young, open, innovative city, full of vitality, R&D investment over ten billion RMB every year. Synthetic biology is in the early stages with vibrant development and it is rooted in Shenzhen, drive and lead the rapid development of biotechnology. Located in Shenzhen as the only scientific research institute, SIAT as a link, will promote the extensive cooperation between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jay D. Keasling, bring a large number of high level talents and the frontier of life science research project, help Shenzhen achieve leapfrog development, and to form a new industry rate of synthetic biology.


It is learnt that SIAT has been founded over 10 years, has attracted a large number of outstanding scholars from around the world, established of 7 national innovation carrier, 19 CAS / provincial carrier. Center for Synthetic Biology Engineering of SIAT introduced famous universities returning scientists from Harvard University, Yale University, New York University, Duke University and other international famous universities, formed the situation that the gathered thousands of young outstanding youth, formed an interdisciplinary team of innovation. The center also set up 3 Enterprises Joint Laboratory, lead the team members in the artificial life design principle, synthetic yeast chromosome, engineered bacteria to treat cancer and other cutting-edge projects across the country, and some reached the international advanced level and the level of running.


President FAN Jianping expects the two sides to continuously upgrade the level of cooperation and achieve more substantive results of cooperation. The cooperation between the two sides can rely on the platform of SIAT, make full use of the advanced school personnel, platforms and other resources, support the laboratory’s research needs.

Unveiling Synthetic Biology Laboratory