SIAT Win WU WENJUN Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award

Date:27-12-2017   |   【Print】 【close

7th WU WENJUN artificial intelligence science and technology award ceremony was hold at Jiangsu on Dec. 23th, two research achievements of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Science (SIAT) won the Second Award for the artificial intelligence technology invention and the Third Award for natural science respectively.


 “Key technology and application of outdoor fully automatic mobile robot”, from WU Xinyu, Researcher of Institute of Advanced Integration Technology, Center for Intelligent Bionic, and CHENG Jun, Researcher from Laboratory for Human Machine Control, won the Second Award for the artificial intelligence technology invention. The research results will break through the key technologies of outdoor autonomous mobile robot's environmental perception, location and navigation, planning and other key technologies, and form a series of products of intelligent automatic mower, and build the internationally famous mower brand "WORX". In 2016, sales exceeded 50 thousand units and became the second largest supplier of smart lawn mower in the world. The research results have played an important role in the demonstration and promotion of the industrial application of the outdoor fully autonomous mobile robot in China.


 “Accurate orthodontic diagnosis and treatment robot”, from XIA Zeyang, won the Third Award for natural science. This study is expected to promote “the orthodontic treatment from the experience of diagnosis and treatment mode of trial and error based on the transition” to the "accurate diagnosis model can be predicted”, so as to improve the therapeutic effect, shorten orthodontic treatment period and reduce the cost of treatment has important clinical and social significance and potential economic value.


"WU WENJUN Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award" is named after Mr. WU Wenjun, he is a renowned outstanding scientists at home and abroad, master of mathematics, artificial intelligence pioneer, China intelligence science research pioneer and leader, the first state supreme science and Technology Award winner, Chinese Academy of Sciences, honorary director of China artificial intelligence society. Relying on social forces to establish this science and technology award, the national science and technology award have directly recommended qualification, known as the "highest award" Chinese intelligence science and technology, represents the highest honor in the field of artificial intelligence symbol. The award aims to implement the "respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, and create" policy, fully mobilize the workers of intelligence science and technology, the enthusiasm and creativity of the awards made a major breakthrough in the field of intelligent science and technology, to make outstanding contributions to scientific and technological workers and managers, has been successfully held seven sessions of evaluation and Award activities, has awarded a total of 119 units and industry organizations, 426 scholars and experts, 140 innovations and project award, played a positive role to promote the innovation and development of intelligent science and technology field in China.