40th Anniversary Celebration of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone

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There is no doubt that the 40th Anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is worthy of celebration due to the numerous achievements recorded in the city in the past 40 years since the initiative started.  

Shenzhen is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world particularly concerning technology, industrialization, commerce, infrastructure, sophisticated transportation network, with a consistently rising GDP in the past years.  

In its bid to become the world center for science, technology, and innovation, the Shenzhen Government in synergy with the Central Government of the Peoples’ Republic of China has consistently put in place policies and structures with the necessary support to enable the realization of this ultimate goal.  

After living in Shenzhen for more than five years as a foreigner (first as a Ph.D. student and now as a Research Scientist with the Chinese Academy of Science), I see Shenzhen as a place that enables rapid translation of innovative scientific ideas/solutions into finished products designed to meet the needs of the society towards yielding socio-economic benefits.  

The world we live in is becoming more dynamic by the day, and therefore there is a need to thrive towards sustaining the city and its achievements in diverse areas. I believe one of the things that could aid such sustainability is diversification, inclusiveness, and integration, particularly concerning the international communities.  

In this regard, I think it would be a good idea if the Shenzhen Government in synergy with the Central Government of the People’s Republic of China can introduce policies that would further encourage foreigners/foreign businesses to work/partner with China/Shenzhen towards realizing the supreme goal of becoming the world center for science, technology, innovation, and industrialization and as well to sustain it.  

I think such policies may focus on improving the residency plan (permanent residency), social securities, and more opportunities for foreign talents in Shenzhen, China.    

Oluwarotimi Williams Samuel, Associate Professor of SIAT


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