Shenzhen Provide a Challenging and Competitive Environment

Date:23-10-2020   |   【Print】 【close

As foreigner and scientist, I have been welcomed in Shenzhen from 5 years and I share the praise of President Xi for commemoration of 40th year establishment of Special Economic zone of Shenzhen.  

Global investments granted this city not only economic growth but also a primary position as technological innovation hub.  

Considering my experience here, Shenzhen provided a challenging and competitive environment but also enjoying the stimulus with high potential for growth, for instance by attracting funding and resources to sustain my research work.  

At the same time the cultural and education framework must be considered, indeed, Shenzhen is constantly developing and improving as international city. In summary, I feel that this welcoming experience in Shenzhen is most probably originated by reforms involved during ‘opening-up’ of special economic zone. 

Massimiliano Galluzzi, Associate Professor of SIAT


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ZHANG Xiaomin