SIAT Holds Calligraphy Activity with the Theme of Qingming

Date:13-04-2022   |   【Print】 【close

Chinese Calligraphy is a traditional form of writing characters from the Chinese language with ink and a brush. It is a tradition that is rooted in China through centuries of practice.

On April 2, SIAT Associations has held a calligraphy activity for the foreign experts and students, to provide a unique cultural experience to the participants.

The coming holiday, from April 3 to 5 is a traditional festival in China named “Qingming”, means “clearness” and “brightness", the origin of the name was related to climate and nature in this season. 

At the beginning of April, it becomes noticeably warmer and brighter, and nature is waking up in northern/central China (this happens earlier in south China). People start to wear light cloths and walk outside to feel the growth in spring. 

Members from SIAT association firstly gave an introduction about the history of calligraphy and a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words, then taught the participants how to write the traditional Chinese characters: “风” and “月”, which refers to gentle breeze and bright moonlight, and originated from the ancient Chinese poetry. 

All the experts and students hope that this kind of Chinese cultural activities could held more in the future.