Center for Precision Engineering


The center for precision engineering appoints Professor Ruxu Du , the director of precision research institute of Chinese University of Hong Kong, as the chief scientist and its main research area is the precision manufacturing of biomedical instruments and medical material. Supported by the two scientific research platforms of Guangdong Engineering Research Center for advanced manufacturing of biomedical instruments and Guangzhou Key Lab for precision manufacturing of biomedical instruments, the center is committed to providing customized precision technology solutions for enterprises by using machinery manufacturing, micro-nano manufacturing and additive manufacturing techniques combined with optics, materials and biomedical techniques. We will continue to strive for making our institute the world-leading precision engineering center. 

Main Research Areas

Main Research Projects 

1 Core technology research and industrialization of dental implant system 

2 Development of biomedical porous titanium alloy 

3 Enhanced vein display system based on multispectral imaging 

4 Development of unicellular dynamic monitoring system 

5 Ultra-compact finger vein identification system based on MEMS technology 


  • CHEN Xianshuai

    Title:Director/Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Metal forming,machine tool design, manufacturing and control, precision machining technology and equipment, CNC product development, bio medical equipment manufacturing

  • SUN Xuetong

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Surface modification of biomedical metal materials

  • XIE Zhangong

    Areas of Interest:Precision manufacturing,mechanical structure design, medical instruments, automation

  • JIN Jian

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Micro/nano fabrication technology, multispectral imaging technology

  • DI Si

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:MEMS technology; Multispectral imaging and image fusion technology; Design, fabrication and application of compound-eyes imaging system

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