Center for Water Science Center


Water Science Center was established in February 2012, mainly conducts research on drinking water purification, desalination and sewage treatment and promote Industry-Academia-Research collaboration. The work mainly includes: separation membrane materials and Membrane separation technology, low temperature multi-effect seawater desalination, and ecological river repair. The center is committed to creating a research platform around water culture, water resources, water environment, water security and other related aspects for multidisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration, providing technology solutions and consulting service for surrounding enterprises and upstream and downstream industries, and fostering the industrial technology upgrading and the new technology transfer. 


At present, the center has built two provincial research platforms - Guangdong Key Laboratory of Membrane Materials and Membrane Separation and Guangdong Membrane Separation Application Engineering Center with 17 full-time staff members. There are 7 doctors working for the center, and 3 of them have overseas education background. It is a strong and creative team. Each team member has membrane separation and material research related academic background, and has gained rich experience in the technology development of separation membrane. The Guangdong Key Laboratory of Membrane Materials and Membrane Separation was approved to establish in less than 2 years after the center was founded. The key laboratory invited experts in the field of membrane materials to from an expert academic committee, appointed chairmen of North American Film Association and the European Film Association as the technical advisers, and has been maintaining a good long-term relations with Guangdong million and the South China Power Grid, Guangzhou Haike filter technology Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, therefore building a professional technical team as an integration of R&D, test and industrialization with external assistance.  

Main Research Areas

The team has been focusing on the research and application of hollow fiber and flat membrane membrane separation materials, and the research of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membrane modification, including sewage treatment membrane, drinking water purification membrane. The research even involves microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. The total amount of fund for research projects exceeds 20 million RMB, and the fund for horizontal project of technology transfer is more than 300 million RMB. Supported by the research achievements, the center joints hands with enterprises for Industry-Academia-Research collaboration and uses its special separation membrane to develop the products specially designed for the purification of drinking water and some specific separation areas, including low-pressure passive household water bottle and water purifier, faucet water purifier, cooking oil and water separation equipment. 

Invention projects: 

1) membrane water treatment 

2) hot water treatment 

3) biological methods for ecological restoration 


  • CHEN Shunquan

    Areas of Interest:Membrane materials, membrane separation process, desalination, water purification, sewage treatment

  • ZHANG Fengming

    Title:Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest:Desalination, Organic waste water treatment

  • YAN Xiao

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Functional ceramics; nanocarbon based hybrid membranes

  • WANG Jianming

    Areas of Interest:Membrane Preparation Technology; Water Treatment

  • SONG Hongchen

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Membrane Separation; Water Treatment

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