Center for Electronic and Computer Technology


Established in March, 2015, Electronic and Computer Technology Research Center is the combination of the former Intelligent Control Research Center and Intelligent Chips and Systems Research Center of GIAT. Our Center is primarily dedicated to the research of intelligent video processing technology, internet of things and human-computer interaction. Our goal is to build a comprehensive research center which specializes in electronic and computer technology and their applications.  


At present, our center has 6 doctors and 5 masters, including 2 talents from Program of 1000 Plan, 1 supported by CAS Hundred Talents Program and 1 researcher honored as ZhuJiang New Star in Guangzhou. 

Main Research Areas


  • YUAN Hai

    Areas of Interest:Robotics, synthetic biology automation and water purification technology

  • LIAO Jingwen

    Title:Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest:Biomimetic intelligent materials, intelligent sensors, flexible electrodes

  • GUAN Guan

    Areas of Interest:Internet of things, big data analysis and machine learning

  • ZENG Dewen

    Areas of Interest:Biological laboratory

  • 1