National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Advanced Electronic Packaging Materials


Focusing on the problems that the advanced electronic packaging technology and key materials in the development of Shenzhen's electronic information industry depend entirely on imports, and aiming at the urgent needs of flip chip packaging, three-dimensional silicon through-hole packaging, fan-out packaging and airtight packaging, the construction includes material research, integrated application, simulation design and reliability. As well as the research and development of advanced electronic packaging materials and personnel training platform such as material pilot test, the research on large-scale controllable preparation of inorganic micro-nano materials, bottom filling materials of flip chip, photosensitive silicon through-hole polymer insulation materials, high-performance thermal interface materials, high-frequency and high-speed organic substrate materials and so on has been carried out to break through the functional micro-nano. The key technologies, such as uniform dispersion of materials in polymer substrates, construction of three-dimensional conductive/thermal conductive network, low thermal expansion coefficient and low modulus composite materials, meet the needs of improving industrial innovation ability and promoting regional economic development.

Main Research Projects


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