Center of Information Photonics and Energy Materials


The center for photonics information and energy materials, founded in 2008, focuses on the growth of high performance optoelectronic thin film materials and the fabrication of photovoltaic energy conversion devices, energy storage devices, sensors and imaging devices.

Main Research Areas

Research topics of the group include, but are not limited to

(1) CIGS, CZTS thin film photovoltaic devices

(2) Visible and near infrared broad band photo-detector

(3) X ray flat panel detector

(4) Solid state lithium ion battery

(5) IGZO thin film transistor

(6) Scanning probe microscopic characterization

(7) Perovskite nanostructures

(8) Barrier film for oxygen and moisture

(9) Intelligent force and chemical sensors.


  • LI Wenjie

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Microscopic electrical and structural characterization for inorganic/organic photovoltaic devices via SPM base techniques

  • ZHONG Guohua

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Electronic structural investigation of novel functional materials; Theoretical studies of strongly correlated systems