Center for Cognitive Technology


The Center for Cognitive Technology conducts cutting edge research in robotics such as autonomous mobile robots, medical robots, and industrial robots, with focus on cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence. More than 200 high-level papers were published and about 50 patents were filed; 1 First Class Ministerial and Provincial Level Science and Technology Award and 1 Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award have been granted.

Main Research Areas

[1] Fundamental theories and key technologies of task-oriented service robot 

The objective of this project is to improve the autonomy, the adaptation, and the intelligence of robotic system in complicated dynamic environments. Special focuses are on task planning and fine operations for service robots, the construct of cognitive control architecture based on experience and learning and the development of ROS-based intelligent mobile robot platform. 


Mobile Robot 

[2] Robotic spinal surgical system 

Spine surgery is regarded as one of the most high-risk surgeries due to its high requirement of the accuracy and stability. The Robotic Spinal Surgical System (RSSS) can assist surgeons in performing laminectomy operation, pedicle screw insertion etc. Collaborated with Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, three generations of RSSS have been developed, and animal experiments have been completed. 

Robotic Spinal Surgical System 

[3] Endoscopic sinus surgical robot 

Minimally-invasive Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries are mainly used to treat Nasosinusitis, Nasal polyps, and Carcinoma of nasal cavity and sinuses with the possible extension to treating the orbital, lacrimal duct and anterior skull base diseases. During the complicated nasal surgeries, at least one assistant is needed to hold the endoscope, leading to many problems like spatial crowdedness, difficulty in cooperation, poor stability, etc. Thus, it is urgent to introduce robots which hold the endoscope to assist the surgeons in conducting complicated surgeries with the best distance and angle. 


Ex-vivo Experiment in Peking University 3rd Hospital


  • HU Ying

    Areas of Interest:Medical Robot and surgical robot;Research on structure synthesis of mechanism

  • QI Xiaozhi

    Areas of Interest:Surgical robots;Mechanism dynamics;Space deployable mechanism

  • ZHAO Baoliang

    Areas of Interest:Surgical robots;Mechanical Engineering

  • ZHANG Peng

    Title:Senior Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Medical Robot and surgical robot;Medical equipment or automation

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