Center for Functional Thin Films Research


Functional Thin Films Research Centre (FTFRC) is dedicated to the technology development and application research of functional thin film materials, new energy storage materials and two-dimensional materials. To date, the group has published over 110 papers (including more than 90 SCI publications in Nat. Chem., Nat. Commun., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Mater., Adv. Energy Mater., Nano Lett., ACS Nano, Adv. Funct. Mater. and Adv. Optical Mater. ), applied about 390 patents (including 46 PCT international patents, 8 US and other countries’ patents, over 250 invention patents, in which 108 patents granted. 23 patents realized industrial transformation).  

FTFRC introduced Prof. Chun-Sing Lee from the City University of Hong Kong as the leader for Guangdong Innovative Entrepreneurial Teams titled "Advanced Functional Thin Film Materials and its Industrialization Application".

Main Research Areas

The center has two main research areas, one is the technology development and application research of functional thin film materials, such as preparation of hard and superhard films, diamond coating and cutting tools. The other one is the research and development of new energy storage materials and devices, like novel high-efficiency and low-cost batteries and key materials focus on aluminum and other inexpensive metal anodes.

Products and SEM morphologies of diamond films on various complex tool surfaces.

Low-cost aluminum–graphite dual-ion battery.


  • TANG Yongbing

    Title:Center Director, Professor
    Areas of Interest:Functional thin film materials, energy storage materials and devices

  • ZHANG Wenjun

    Areas of Interest:Thin film technology, Diamond and superhard materials, Surface and interface analysis

  • ZHANG Fan

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Preparation and energy storage performance of new nanomaterials; design and application of new energy devices

  • JIANG Chunlei

    Title:Senior Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Preparation, properties and industrial application of hard and superhard films

  • YANG Yang

    Areas of Interest:Preparation of diamond, Research on industrial application of diamond coating technology

  • WANG Tao

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Diamond film preparation and surface modification; Three-dimensional diamond/silicon carbide composite film

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