Laboratory for Human Machine Control


Established in 2006, the laboratory is majorly involved with key technologies of  human-machine-interface including image processing and computer vision, multimodal human-computer interaction, robotics and application of machine vision in virtual reality alike.  

Lab director, Dr. Jun Cheng, presided over 30 research projects including national science foundation projects, published over 120 high quality papers in international journals and conference proceedings; besides, he owns 2 US patent, 17 national patents, 14 new utility patents and 40 undergoing national patent applications.  

Great efforts have been made in application oriented research works and close connection with companies has been established. Three research laboratories are cofounded to commercialize the technologies, namely, virtual sports united lab, internet robotics united lab and service robotics united lab. Two companies, Shenzhen Taishan network Co. ltd and Shenzhen Zhongkeruicheng Co. ltd., both in which SIAT holds technology shares, are established and products are commercialized.  

Main Research Areas


  • CHENG Jun

    Areas of Interest:Human Computer,Human Computer Interface,Robotics

  • HU Xiping

    Areas of Interest:Mobile Cyber-Physical System, Crowd Computing, Crowdsourcing

  • WANG Lei

    Areas of Interest:Image processing, computer vision, and machine learning

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