Center for Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology


Center for Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology is committed to the research of multifunctional nano-composite and nano-biological materials, the development of sensitive, rapid, in-situ detection principle, instruments and methods , the exploration of molecular probes, molecular imaging, molecular diagnostics and targeted nano-particle drug delivery technology in nano-scale level, the construction of technology research and industry transformation platform for major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and other major disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, the exploitation of nano-devices and biosensors with important application prospect in bio-medicine, environmental monitoring, information storage and energy utilization. 

Main Research Areas

1) Multifunctional nano-composites and nano-biological materials 

2) Nano-medicine and integration of tumor diagnosis and treatment system research 

3) Peptide drugs, nano-medicines and nano-vaccines 


  • JIN Geng

    Areas of Interest:Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Self-assembly;Supramolecular Chemistry and Supramolecular Materials

  • LI Wenjun

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Biological Applications of Click Chemistry; Natural Intelligent Nano-materials in tumor Theranostic

  • SHAO Ximin

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Cell division, Endocytosis, targeted drug discovery

  • LI Yang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Immunology, Nanomedicine

  • LI Hongchang

    Areas of Interest:Cancer signaling pathways, cell division control, and antitumor drug discovery

  • JIN Yan

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:T-cell development and regulation

  • FANG Lijing

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Organic synthesis; Chemical biology; Medicinal chemistry

  • GONG Ping

    Title:Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest:Nanomedicine, nanotechnology, functional materials, analytical chemistry

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