Main Research Areas

Reproductive endocrinology associated diseases: polycystic ovary syndrome, gestational diabetes mellitus, endometriosis, osteoporosis, the relationship of obesity and function of ovary, testis and uterus.   

Reproductive cancer: ovary cancer, choriocarcinoma, and prostatic cancer, specific nanoparticle targeted medicine to reproductive disease.

Intrauterine microenvironment and gestational diseases: development of placenta and associated diseases, preeclampsia, placental specific exocrine,exploration of contraceptive vaccine.  

Biological three dimensional culture and 3D printing: in vitro three-dimensional culture of uterus, ovarian follicles.

The main focus of my work is to understand the causes and consequences of variation in energy balance in animals and humans. Understanding how animals acquire energy and the factors that limit its use provides a useful framework for understanding many phenomena including reproductive performance, obesity, ageing and life history evolution. 

Male reproductive system: The classic model biological nematodes and fruit flies are mainly used as a model, combined with mammalian cell and mouse experiments, to study the mechanism of organelle cilia and sperm flagella and related human disease mechanisms. 

Immune system related diseases: pathogen infection mechanism, host immune response and development mechanism, combined with clinical application to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods. 

Peptide and biological material related research: GPCR, functional peptides in metabolic diseases, biological materials, adult stem cells and tissue engineering repair and regeneration. 

Mechanism research on reproductive and metabolic diseases; Biomaterials and targeted drug delivery.