Center for Medical Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices


The research center focuses on the proprietary innovations and translational research within the field of medical robots and wearable technologies, where the highlights for the research center are labelled as achieving key engineering tasks cooperatively and improving engineering education abilities constantly. The scientific disciplines for the research center are Biomedical Electronics and Medical Physics. The primary research areas cover Imaging-Guided Therapeutics and Body Sensor Networks.

Main Research Projects

SIAT has successfully developed the c-arm digital angiography instrument and achieved industrialization 


In 2015, image-guided therapy technology laboratory successfully launched a portable C arm X-ray instrument, aiming at high-end market. The instrument is essential in intraoperative imaging of X-ray perspective, orthopedics, vascular surgery, and cardiac surgery image boot device. 

The device can adjust angle according to the needs of the doctor. A key to achieve high-quality and low-dose photography, the equivalent of a 1/3 dose of the normal X-ray instrument. 


The appearance of C arm X-ray instrument attracts the attention of the largest manufacturer of DR-- Anjian technology co., LTD. Then the library joint research and development of the company's first type C digital angiography instrument. The successful development of the equipment, created the chance of cooperation with Xinhua medical cooperation, which is the nation's largest radiotherapy company and the chairman company of China association for medical devices industry, successfully undertaking the special major equipment research and development of the national key project. 


The laboratory has dedicated to the research and development of image-guided treatment technology over these years.  The image-guided treatment technology(IGT) launched together with Anjian is the key to achieve early diagnosis and treatment of major diseases. It is also one of the most important treatment in the 21st century medical model. It uses a variety of medical imaging equipment such as surgery, radiation therapy and interventional therapy to make effective treatment plan, implementing intraoperative navigation, evaluating therapeutic effect. To effectively reduce the surgical trauma and improve the accuracy of treatment, offering the patients with early rehabilitation, reducing the possibility of recurrence. IGT technology integrates translational medical research and information science into a wide range of clinical areas, including cardiovascular disease and tumors. 



C arm X-ray instrument


CBCT image-guided system 


  • ZHOU Shoujun

    Areas of Interest:Medical image processing, image guided therapy, blood vessel intervention robot.

  • ZHAO Guoru

    Areas of Interest:Wearable medical sensors and medical instruments

  • XIONG Jing

    Title:Senior Engineer
    Areas of Interest:Intelligent robots, medical robots, and imaging guiding key treatment technology

  • XIE Yaoqin

    Areas of Interest:Image-Guided Precision Radiation Therapy

  • WEN Tiexiang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Medical image processing and analysis, multimodal image fusion guiding intervention technology

  • NIE Zedong

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Bio-electric magnetic effect, biometrics, health Internet, intelligent health equipment

  • LI Zhicheng

    Areas of Interest:X-ray phase lin-fluorescence imaging of the early tumor

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