Laboratory for Medical Imaging and Digital Surgery


Research Lab for Medical Imaging and Digital Surgery focuses on upstream research on medical image processing, computer aided diagnosis (CAD), digital therapy, as well as their clinical applications. The lab is currently composed of 5 principal investigators. With the funding support from both the national and local agencies, the lab has made significant progress in CAD of stroke, medical image segmentation, image guided therapy, virtual surgery, and rehabilitation. The lab has published more than 30 papers on prestigious journals (including Lancet) and filed more than 40 inventive patents with 4 international patents.  


The main research focuses are deep learning and its applications to CAD of main diseases, image guided therapy , and virtual surgery and rehabilitation for cardio-/cerebro-vascular diseases. 

Main Research Areas


  • HU Qingmao

    Areas of Interest:Image analysis, computer-aided diagnoses and therapy, computer vision, and pattern recognition.

  • WU Jianhuang

    Title:Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest:Virtual reality, medical visualization, and computer graphics

  • JIA Fucang

    Areas of Interest:Computer assisted medical interventions, medical image processing, and brain imaging

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