Shenzhen Institutes of advanced technology Visit Thuyloi University

Date:11-07-2018   |   【Print】 【close

At local time June 11, a delegation led by Prof. Chen Jinsong, from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT), Center for Geospatial Information, arrived at Vietnam, Hanoi, to carry out the academic cooperation with Thuyloi University (THUYLOI).


The vice-president TRINH MINH THU from THUYLOI received the delegation at June 12, introduced current research projects like agricultural monitoring, ecological protection, and discussed about the approaches to cooperating. At June 13, the delegation visited some famous companies in Vietnam, take an insight on its state of development of agriculture technology and problems.


During the visit, the delegation, Vietnam and France National Institute for Sustainable Development, discussed the content of Chinese Academy of Sciences of Strategic Leading Technology, One Belt and One Road projects named “Ecological Environment Monitoring and Assessment”. Trilateral sides determined that utilize the Red River irrigated area as the Eco agriculture and agriculture monitoring research. Trilateral sides signed framework agreement named “One Belt and One Road projects ecological environment data analysis”.