International Projects


SIAT has made significant achievements in human resource development, academic research and technology commercialization. In 2019, It has staff over 1900(including 16 IEEE fellows, 3 CAS academicians, 6 National Outstanding Young Scientists), as well as more than 1450 graduate students. More than 100 foreign distinguished professors are invited as visiting/chief scientists part-time working in SIAT.Oriented to be the industrial research institute, SIAT makes efforts to the scientific and technological transforming and has incubated 958 companies (263 shareholding) in the fields of emerging industries such as low-cost healthcare, service robots, electric vehicles, cloud computing, digital cities, nano-medicine, new energy and new materials.

SIAT has a broad cooperation with overseas partners covering 38 countries and districts, more than 200 programs 98 institutions Stanford University, UCL, UBC, UCLA, EPFL, HU Berlin etc. 48% of annual publication are international cooperated papers. 

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,

Chinese Academy of Sciences, International Cooperation Office