As one of china’s highest academic and industrial technology research institute, SIAT is committed to propel industrial cooperation in association with well-known technology transfer organizations and enterprises at both domestic and overseas level. In 2016, the total contract amount of industrial research and technology transfer that SIAT signed exceeded 250 million RMB, the contracts payment amounted to 100 million RMB, reaching a record high. It has fostered long-term partnerships with well-known enterprises such as BMW, Intel, IBM, Huawei, and Tencent, etc. 


SIAT aims to build up a need-based platform for high-tech, enterprises, organizations and government, combine their expertise, and offer comprehensive technical method and solutions to industrial partners to help them improve the capability of R&D and innovation. 

(High-tech company or high technology) 


Technical Consultation 

Based on SIAT’s research area and expertise, offer industry partner consultancy service for their technical pre-research, the implementation of patent, technical innovation and government policy research. Combine partners’ strength and SIAT’s resources to help enterprises create niche markets. 


Joint Laboratory with enterprise 

In a certain subject or research area, build up an innovation platform sponsored by industrial partner and jointly carry out research project, staff training and government project application, etc. Fostering long-term collaboration with partners by integrating all available resources. 


Contract Research 

SIAT utilizes advanced technical reserve and expertise to carry out project with partners. The scale of research project can be flexible and highly customized in accordance with needs of partners, enhance their product innovation ability and quicken implementation of innovation cooperation projects.